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1.  Full Name____________________________________ 

2.  Address______________________________________       

3.  City, State, Country, Province          _______________     

4.  Zip or Postal Code     ___________________________

5.  Home Telephone Number________________________

6.  Home Fax Number______________________________

7.  Business Number  ______________________________

8.  Business Fax Number      ________________________

9.  Church Number  _______________________________

10. Church Fax Number ____________________________

11. Mobil or Cell Number    _________________________

12. Email address  ________________________________

13. URL Address: http://www.     ____________________

14. Other Telephone Number   ______________________

15. Nearest Relative Telephone Number             ________

16. Spouse Name   ________________________________

17. Your Age___________________ Spouse’s Age     ____

18. Children’s name {s}


19. Education    ___________________________________

20. Bible School Training         _______________________

21. Ordained and affirmed by Whom?     _______________


22. How long have you been in the work of the ministry or business?
23. What affiliation are you with in the body of Christ or business?
24. What is your given purpose for your locality?
25. Do you have plurality of elders in your ministry? What are their names?
     {Name a  few} 

 26. Can you give us five {5} reliable and trustworthy names with numbers
     of ministry, or business contacts for reference?  ________


27. Are you a Business owner?

28. How long have you owned your business?
29. What type of business are you in?
30: What are your heart desires in life, ministry and others?
31. Business Telephone and Fax Numbers
32. What is the name of your ministry other than a local church?
33. For-all-churches, ministries, Politicians, Lawyers, Students, Artists,
     Educators, Doctors, Athletes, Clergy, businesses etc., please use the
     rest of this page to give brief detail about you and the specific mission
     of which you are called.  Attach an extra sheet of paper of information
     if necessary.            _____________________________


34. How is your finances being handled in your ministry? Who are the
      officers involved, and what are your methods of keeping record and
      a set legal charter for your ministry? Please provide a copy
      for our records upon request.        __________________

35. What are your specific goals as a minister of the gospel and a good
     steward of your ministry and business? Do you have a vision plan, and
     what are your goals in the next 6 months to a year? What are your
     short terms goals and long term goals?

36. What are some important things that you feel would ignite
     your passion and purpose and to help you excel in your ministry

37. How did you come about in consideration of a mutual agreement
     relationship with  OIL FIELD  MINISTRIES?.

38. What do you anticipate the Lord doing in this appointed relationship?
39. Would you like to be affirmed and ordained through 

40.Do you have more than one Church ? YES____ NO   ____

41. Give us estimated number of your Church members and who is the
Pastor in the ministry?
NB: Send all Application forms to OIL_FIELD_MINISTRIES@YAHOO.COM,
      that is scan copies but original forms to our Europe postal address.
     Please add your passport photo plus one full body photograph. Two
     recommendation letters must also be added. Make sure those
     recommendation letters has a link for verification.

OFM University College of Missions is Academic/Education ministry under the Oil Field Ministries which is registered in USA with all legal details recorded by U.S.A. Ascention Clerk of Court after the work of Secretary of Louisiana State and Africa and operate in Europe .
Currently we have opened one University in East Africa and a Bible Collage in Poland Europe .
The University is under the Leadership of Dr. Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong and the University has programs from Certificate to Doctorate Degree. The various curriculum are highly sought after and OFM has been successfully connected to all the continents of the world after sixteen years{1990 to 2006} of operations.
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