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Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong was born at Ashiaman - Tema in the Greater - Accra Region of Ghana, where he began his Nursery school at Tema - Comm.8 Experimental Shields Preparatory.  He continued his elementary school at Mpraeso -Kwahu Presby and at the point of finishing his middle school, he passed his late entrance examination and proceeded to Kwahu Asakraka Secondary School (ASPASS) in 1989 and latter moved to MPASS.

Debrich completed his ordinary level education at Mpraeso Secondary School (MPASS) , in his home town and finished his Advance Level (sixth form) at Ghana Secondary School (GHANASS)  Koforidua E/R after serious studies at Cambridge Academy Accra and Accra Academy.

Debrich began the ministerial work whiles in school and entered full-time ministry after his National service with the Ghana Assemblies of God Church under the leadership of Rev. Daniel Owusu Banahene (former District Pastor of Kwahu A/G), where Debrich was then transferred to Konongo Assemblies of God Church under the leadership of Rev. Enoch Boateng who is now the Bishop of Centre for Missions Kumasi, where I also work for a year as co-ordinator.

Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong has done many studies within Ghana and outside Ghana, which as a result granted him Doctorate Degree in Ministry /theology.  

Debrich was the co-ordinator of Hong Kong and China G.C.C.I- Holland conference in Asia and the National Director of GCCI.

Debrich  Jeremiah  Acheampong  is  legalized  and accredited ordained minister of the evangelistic messengers` association  international, Tennessee 38344-U.S.A with certificate and  I.D.

Debrich Jeremiah by God’s GRACE is also the founding President and facilitator of Oil Field Ministries, OFM-University College of Missions, OFM-TV ( Global Center For Network), International Prayer Travailers, Youth Community For Jesus until he was officially ordained by God to travel extensively within Ghana and outside Ghana (Africa-Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Asia-Dubai, Thailand, Hong Kong, China etc; Europe-Italy, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia etc as an Apostle with strong field of Evangelistic, Prophetic, Teaching anointing from God.

By  the Injection of  the  Holy  Ghost, Debrich  is multi-gifted, International speaker with  terrific anointing, which  make  him  declares  

seasonal and  individual prophetic word for  this  emerging  generation  

with  maturity.

Debrich Jeremiah  Acheampong  is  also  seasonal  lecturer, a coach to organizers/co-ordinator, businessman, educator, empowerment facilitator, addressing  important  matters  affecting this  eschatological age churches, nations, human and  social. Debrich J. Acheampong central  theme  of  his  preaching  focus  on  the  waves/moves  of  the holy  Ghost,  Jesus,    Judgment  of  God    with  love,   faith, maturity, fatherhood, discovery of  individual potential  and  assist  them to reach their  God  given  purpose, transforming  followers  into  leadership  by adding prophetic  value to  make  their   divine  mandate  useful.

Because “many are beating about the bush in ministry." D.J.Acheampong is  married  to  Barbara  Acheampong,  a  citizen  of Poland  who  studied  languages  such  as  English, Russian, Polish  and German. 


Debrich was once a volunteer of National Evangelism Commission (NECO) and a Co-ordinator of West Africa Centre for ministerial studies based in Lecompton U. S. A.  

He also hold certificate of Commission as a Master Sergeant and Power of Attorney certificate from Dr. Morris Cerullo Ministries based in California U.S.A.  And Partnership with Dr.Creflo Dollar ministries and FMIN USA with a Certificates.

Professionally, Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong is gifted in the following:

After years in web-development Studies from 2000`s, Debrich Jeremiah is more working with IT, Web-development, Corel Drawing, Code Writing such as HTML, XHTML, SQL, CSS, Java Scripts etc, Database programming, Website Editing and Building, as logo Designer, Film/Movie making, Online TV Presenter, Radio telecast, Ghost writer, Most Hardware and Software. I am also into Radio and Online TV development, Programe Nevigation such as Tomtom, Film production and instructor.  Computer repair, phone repair and web-support or help online and other STATIONERY services like Invoices, Flyers, Banner making, Business Cards, Power Point Presentation, as Cover-designer, Brochures, Certificates etc. And any one who needs services in that area can contact us.

         Also into encoding files plus how to used Codec technology for compressing and decompressing a data before it is presented on a platform. How to split a file; convert to the right format needed for specific programmes. How to handle hidden uniform resource locator (URL) on advertisement website, affiliation programmes, how to handle VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services on the internet. And many more. 





OFM University College of Missions is Academic/Education ministry under the Oil Field Ministries which is registered in USA with all legal details recorded by U.S.A. Ascention Clerk of Court after the work of Secretary of Louisiana State and Africa and operate in Europe .
Currently we have opened one University in East Africa and a Bible Collage in Poland Europe .
The University is under the Leadership of Dr. Debrich Jeremiah Acheampong and the University has programs from Certificate to Doctorate Degree. The various curriculum are highly sought after and OFM has been successfully connected to all the continents of the world after sixteen years{1990 to 2006} of operations.
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